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Yashika Anand : I Miss U Each Second And I’m Forever Guilty To Be Alive

Popular actress and former Bigg Boss contestant Yashika Anand recently met with a car accident near Mamallapuram when she was heading back to Chennai after attending a party in Pondicherry last week. Yashika Anand survived with major injuries and is being treated at a private hospital in Chennai, but her close friend in the car passed away due to the accident. Yashika in her message on social media expressed the guilt she feels for the rest of her life, for being the reason for her friend’s death.

Yashika Anand posted a message on her Instagram post about losing her friend Pavani. Yashika Anand wrote, ‘i really can’t express what I’m going through right now ! I will forever feel guilty to be alive !! I don’t know if I should thank god for saving me from that tragic accident or blame god whole my life for taking away my bestest friend away from me. I really miss u each second Pavani. I know you can never forgive me !! I’m really sorry I put your family in such a horrible situation. Just know I miss u each second and I’m forever guilty to be alive. Hope your soul rests in peace ! I pray you come back to me ! Hope someday your family forgives me ! I’ll forever cherish our memories paw!’

She further wrote, ‘I won’t be celebrating my birthday and request all my fans also to not celebrate my birthday! Please pray for her family! God give them more strength. Biggest loss of my life. Please someday forgive me. I miss u. 😭

Posting the picture of her friend Pavani, Yashika Anand wrote, ‘In my life, I never thought I would be the reason for u to not be with us today! Rip my beautiful angel. Love u abundantly!!


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