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Tiragabadara Saami Teaser: Balayya Fans' Revolt!

Tiragabadara Saami Teaser: Balayya Fans’ Revolt!

  Hero Raj Tharun didn’t have a substantial hit for a long time and he pins many hopes on his upcoming film Tiragabadara Saami directed by AS Ravikumar Chowdhary. The movie is gearing up for release. So, the team upped the game in promotions and unveiled a teaser today. Going by the teaser, Raj Tharun […]

When Balayya Used 'Guntur Kaaram'

When Balayya Used ‘Guntur Kaaram’

  One of the upcoming movies that have been in the production pipeline since the start of this year, and started to be engulfed in lots of rumours regarding postponements and call-offs is none other than Superstar Mahesh Babu’s Guntur Kaaram which is being directed by Wizard of words Trivikram. And other day, none other […]

India-On-Moon- Meme-Balayya

Meme With Balayya Goes Viral

  It is a funny take on the recent historical news that India has successfully landed Chandrayaan on the moon, while Pakistan’s flag has a crescent moon on it. The meme uses a dialogue from the Telugu movie Akhanda, where the actor Balayya says, “Both are not the same.” The meme is not only funny but […]