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mega family at varun lavanya wedding ceremony

“Varun Tej & Lavanya Tripathi Tie the Knot: Mega Family Celebrates!”

Mega Prince Varun Tej and actress Lavanya Tripathi have officially sealed their bond, celebrating a remarkable union in a beautiful wedding ceremony held in Italy. The extravagant wedding event was graced by a multitude of close friends and family. Notably, the entire Mega family, including Pawan Kalyan, attended the joyous occasion, adding to its significance. […]

Varun Tej, lavanya tripathi wedding on november 1st

Varun Tej & Lavanya’s Grand Italian Wedding with Mega Stars!

Mega Prince Varun Tej, the famous actor and son of Nagababu and Padmaja Konidela, is gearing up for a significant event – his marriage to Lavanya Tripathi on November 1, 2023. Their special day will take place at the stunning Borgo San Felice Resort in Siena, Italy, bringing a touch of enchantment to their union. […]

Allu Aravind Comments on Mrunal Thakur marriage

“Allu Aravind’s Hope for Mrunal Thakur’s Marriage”

Allu Aravind is a well-known person who makes movies in the Telugu film industry. Recently, he said he hopes that Mrunal Thakur, an actress from Maharashtra who started acting in Telugu movies with ‘Sita Ramam,’ will marry a guy from Telangana or Andhra Pradesh and live in Hyderabad. He said this when he was giving […]