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Pawan Kalyan Paving the Path for YSRCP Win in 2024

As the 2024 elections in Andhra Pradesh draw near, the political landscape is marked by intense strategizing and campaigning by the state’s major parties: the YSR Congress Party (YSRCP), the Telugu Desam Party (TDP), and the JanaSena Party (JSP). Among these, the YSRCP stands as the dominant force, with TDP and JSP grappling with various […]

N chandrababu naidu speech after release from jail

N Chandrababu Fight Against YSRCP

N Chandrababu , the former Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh and leader of the TDP, held a press conference following his release from Rajamahendravaram Jail. He had been arrested in a skill development case and was granted temporary bail by the High Court. Expressing gratitude to the people of Andhra Pradesh for their unwavering support […]

janasena, pawan kalyan, pledges to win on YSRCP

Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan’s Bold Pledge to Oust YSRCP in Andhra Pradesh Elections

Discussing a potential alliance with the Telugu Desam Party, Janasena Chief Pawan Kalyan made a significant announcement on Friday, expressing his willingness to assume the role of Chief Minister in Andhra Pradesh. In his statement, he urged the people to rally against the Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP) in the upcoming elections. Kalyan stated, […]

High Court allows bail for N chandrababu naidu

TDP’s New Strategy Campaign Slogan “Why Ap Hates Jagan!!”

Hyderabad: As the Andhra Pradesh (AP) elections draw closer, a significant voter outreach initiative has been unveiled by Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP) President and Chief Minister, Jaganmohan Reddy. The campaign’s central message, “Why AP needs Jagan?” has been designed to counter the slogans of the opposition Telugu Desam Party (TDP), such as #APvsJagan, […]

గరం గరంగా గన్నవరం వైసీపీ Gannavaram YSRCP

YSRCP Government Never Encourages Caste Based Politics

YSRCP Government always says they dont see caste and religion and follows the same while allocating nominated posts   1. వైఎస్.జగన్ మోహన్ రెడ్డి – ముఖ్యమంత్రి. 2. పెద్దిరెడ్డి రామచంద్రారెడ్డి – మంత్రి 3. బాలినేని శ్రీనివాస రెడ్డి – మంత్రి 4. మేకపాటిఈగౌతమ్ రెడ్డి – మంత్రి 5. బుగ్గన రాజేంద్రనాథ్ రెడ్డి – మంత్రి 6. గడికోట శ్రీకాంత్ రెడ్డి – చీఫ్ విప్ 7. […]

Chiranjeevi , Mahesh babu and Prabhas

Prabhas , Mahesh Babu and All Tollywood Heroes Fans Should vote to YSRCP

Why Vote for YSRCP? Why should we vote for the Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP), you ask? Here’s why. Jagan Mohan Reddy has treated our stars in a way no one else, including his father, Y.S. Rajasekhara Reddy, or previous CMs of AP and Telangana, ever did. And what an unforgettable treat it has […]

Andhra to Become Bihar

Political Strategist Prashant Kishore’s Dual Game: Winning AP and Protecting Bihar’s Image?

“Prashant Kishore’s Strategy or Manipulation: Unveiling IPAC’s Tactics in Andhra Pradesh” Prashant Kishore, the Bihar-born political strategist, has made a name for himself as an electoral mastermind, successfully steering numerous political campaigns to victory in various Indian states. His current endeavor is to assist the Yuvajana Sramika Rythu Congress Party (YSRCP) to secure victory in […]