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Work For BJPs Defeat In Karnataka-Shivaji

Hero Shivaji gave a call for all the Telugu People living in Karnataka to defeat BJP in the upcoming Assembly Polls. 'Each and every Telugite who is living in Karnataka have to work for ensuring BJP faces a humiliating defeat in the May 12th election,' he appealed.

While responding on the speeches of Narendra Modi during his election campaigning in Karnataka, Shivaji opined, 'The Modi people are seeing now isn't the same person who promised to develop or make India corrupt-free in 2014. BJP Tickets were offered to eight leaders facing serious corruption charges in Bellary region alone'.

Shivaji disapproved the claim of Narendra Modi that many great posts have been offered to South Indians under NDA Rule. He went on to say, 'If injustice is being done to Andhra Pradesh, It can happen to Telangana, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Kerala in future. Let's make Modi realize the power of South India'.  c


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