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Family Star Vijay Deverakonda Shares A Troll Video

Family star Vijay deverakonda

Family Star Vijay Deverakonda, known for his recent role alongside Samantha in “Kushi,” has recently provided a glimpse of his next project with director Parasuram Petla.

The film, titled “Family Star,” stars Mrunal Thakur, recognized for her role in “Sita Ramam,” as the female lead.

In the past day, a humorous twist on a dialogue spoken by Family Star Vijay Deverakonda in the title glimpse has taken social media by storm, with the hashtag #AiraneVonchalaEnti trending.

The original dialogue, “Iron Ye Vanchala Enti?,” gained a new dimension when delivered by Vijay, according to the meme creators, leading to the circulation of countless meme videos.

What adds intrigue to this situation is Vijay Deverakonda own response to the memeified dialogue. He took to his Instagram profile to acknowledge the humor, sharing the hashtag and a video.

Netizens have commended the actor’s positive and light-hearted approach, appreciating his ability to take humor directed at him in good stride. Meanwhile, this unintentionally generated free publicity for the upcoming movie “Family Star.”

The Telugu-Tamil film, financed by the renowned producer Dil Raju of Sri Venkateswara Creations, boasts music by Gopi Sundar. Audiences can anticipate its theatrical release during Sankranthi 2024.

Article By: Sai Kiran.

Published On: 26th, October 2023.


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