Twitter Was Down Globally, Biggest Error In Social Media In The Recent Past

Micro-blogging site Twitter faced an outage yesterday for users in India and around the world. The social media site was down on Saturday on two occasions – once in the evening, and once in early morning. According to outage tracker DownDetector, the outage in the evening started around 5:20PM IST with about 1,000 outage reports in India and over 9,000 people globally reporting issues with the micro-blogging platform. Users in India were not able to access their Twitter and were getting logged out abruptly. The login page threw an error that said “Something went wrong – it’s not your fault. Let’s try again.” Earlier, at around 6AM IST, about 40,000 users globally reported issues with Twitter, according to DownDetector.

It is not known as to what caused the outage, but Twitter said that it is working on fixing the problem and users will be back on their timelines soon. “We know that parts of Twitter still aren’t working for some of you. We’re fixing an issue with our servers to get things back to normal soon. Thanks for sticking with us,” Twitter said via its Twitter Support handle on Saturday. Users reported multiple issues like not being able to search for terms, not being able to tweet, failing to load tweets, and more. The issues doesn’t seem to be fixed completely yet. While some users online said that they faced issues with the platform for several minutes, some are still reporting issues, more than 24 hours after the first outage on Saturday. We at News18 tried using the micro-blogging and did not face any problems while tweeting, searching, or looking for tweets and profiles.

It is not known as to when the issue will be completely fixed, but Twitter has promised a resolution soon. The micro-blogging site had faced a massive global outage in October last year that lasted for a few hours.

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