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Tom And Jerry Relives As Live Action Film….

Everyone's favourite cat and mouse – Tom and Jerry, are back ! This time around, they are taking over the big screen with their live-action film. 
The makers dropped the first official trailer that is full of the classic old tricks with a flashy modern-day setting.The titular characters are animated in styles similar to the original television show, and the film diverges from tradition with live actors and a real-world setting.  

Joining the cat and the mouse is Chloe Grace Moretz,, starring as an event planner hired by a hotel to organise a wedding, but she is also expected to get rid of a "mouse problem".The new film has been written by Kevin Costello and is based in Joseph Barbera and William Hanna 's classic 'Tom and Jerry.''Tom and Jerry,' revives the decades-old rivalry and is now the latest addition to the franchise that has 164 animated shorts, several TV series, and many movies.'Tom and Jerry' is slated for a release in 2021.  


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