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The IT Team Was Very Happy With Our Documents: Sonu Sood

Last week the Income Tax department held raids at actor Sonu Sood’s residence and office spaces in Mumbai. After three days of raids, the IT department issued a statement that the actor had allegedly evaded tax of over Rs 20 crore and regarding his foundation, just Rs 1.9 crore was spent on donations of Rs 18 crore.

This IT statement has shocked many including Sonu Sood’s incredible followers. However, the actor has not reacted to the IT raids or statement so far. This morning he posted a statement on his social media handles and clarified a few things.

“You don’t always have to tell your side of the story. Time Will. I have pledged myself to the service of the people of India with all my strength and heart,” read the first lines of the statement.

“Every Rupee in my foundation is awaiting its turn to save a precious life and reach the needy. In addition on my occasions I have encouraged brands to donate my endorsement fee for humanitarian causes too, which keeps us going. I have been busy attending to a few guests hence was unable to be at your service, for the last 4 days. Here I am back again in all humility. At your humble service, for life. My journey continues…,” adds the statement further.

But nowhere Sonu Sood mentioned about the Income Tax raids and alleged tax evasion of over Rs 20 crore. Probably he doesn’t want to talk about it in public and open up only before the authorities.


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