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Tgana-3 Students Found Pregnant After A Casual Medical Test In College

With copious amounts of rape and sexual assault cases in the country, we should also make us emotionally strong for waking up to eccentric and bizarre cases every single morning. A new case in Asifabad district where three degree students of a government college in Komarambheem are found pregnant after being sexually assaulted is leaving us worried.

As per the district child protection officer, a casual and general health check-up was done on college students on November 21 and was shocked to find out three of them to be pregnant. The DCPO officials suspect the girls were sexually assaulted some time ago. Among three, two of them are from BSc first year and the other girl is a second-year BSc student.

However, the identity and address of the accused are yet to be revealed by the victims. All they said was a man in their neighbourhood had sexually assaulted them. A police complaint is yet to be filed by the college and child rights activist Ch Achyuta Rao demanded a high-level probe into the incident. In spite of awareness and severe legal penalties, the sexual assault cases increased significantly and most of them are still underreported.




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