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Telangana’s Joyous Bathukamma Festival Celebration From Today

Telangana Bathukamma Festival begins

Bathukamma, a vibrant floral festival cherished by the women of Telangana and some regions of Andhra Pradesh, holds a significant place in the hearts of the people. This celebration spans nine days, aligning with the Sathavahana calendar, commencing on Pitru Amavasya. Typically, this falls in the Gregorian months of September or October. The festival’s commencement coincides with Mahalaya Amavasya, and the nine-day jubilation reaches its pinnacle with the grand culmination known as ‘Saddula Bathukamma’ or ‘Pedda Bathukamma.’

The essence Festival lies in the profound veneration of the goddess Gauri, revered as the bestower of life upon the universe. The festival’s unique hallmark is the artistic arrangement of flowers into a cone shape, symbolizing the embodiment of the goddess Gauri herself.

The festivities of Bathukamma are marked by an effervescent display of devotion, as women adorn themselves in traditional attire. They gather to sing songs extolling the virtues and glory of the revered goddess Gauri, accompanied by rhythmic clapping and spirited dancing.

As we look forward to Bathukamma Festival 2023 in telangana , it is scheduled to commence on October 14, 2023, and conclude on October 23, 2023, which is earmarked for the grand celebration of ‘Saddula Bathukamma.’ It is a time when the air is filled with the sweet fragrance of flowers, and the spirit of unity and devotion reigns supreme in the hearts of the women, making  a cherished cultural spectacle.


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