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TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu Fires On YCP: ‘Is AP Govt., Sleeping’

On Tuesday, the YS Jagan-led YSRCP government in the state was attacked by former Chief Minister and TDP President Chandrababu Naidu for failing to meet the expectations of farmers who lost their land and livelihoods in the floods. In North Andhra, East and West Godavari regions, CBN specifically mentioned the devastating floods. CBN said thousands of families are in misery due to flooding in the three areas. Due to the floods, agricultural property, crops and homes were destroyed, but AP CM YS Jagan failed to take any precautionary steps to mitigate the flood crisis.

Speaking via video conference to party leaders, CBN said the three regions have been heavily hit by floods over the past two to three days. "Lives were battered and farmers' lives were thrown out of gear. Due to the floods, farmers incurred crores of rupees in crop losses, but the YSRCP government has miserably failed to provide farmers with relief," he said. He called on the leaders of the party to rise to the occasion and assist the farmers in distress. "Was this massive mandate given by the people as a licence to kill them? Instead of targeting and foisting fake cases against opposition figures, the government should concentrate on answering important questions. This is the worst administration ever,” CBN lashed out.



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