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Tahsildhar VijayaReddy Killer Suresh Dies

The brutal murder of Tahsildhar Vijaya Reddy is still a hot topic in the Telugu states. The killer Suresh who also burned himself in this incident, was getting treated at Osmania hospital. He suffered 65 percent of injuries and the doctors have put him on ventilator on Thursday morning as his condition was getting deteriorated.

Post lunch, Suresh's condition depleted further and he died. The Osmania hospital doctors have official declared him dead and have sent his corpse for post-mertem. Suresh's death will make it difficult for police to investigate the case thoroughly. They have just recorded Suresh's statement in this case and based on it, the probe is going.

The police are also looking the call data of Suresh. Also post the incident, Suresh walked for some distance with the injuries and met a person who was in a car. Who is that person and does he have any connection with Vijaya Reddy's murder, is something the police need to find out. Suresh's family is also being quizzed by the cops but they are not getting any breakthrough in it.




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