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Sunny Leone Discovered A Way To Stay Healthy During Shooting, Deets Inside..

In the Covid pandemic, actress Sunny Leone discovered a way to stay healthy during her shooting without ruining her make-up. Sunny posted an picture on Instagram wearing a transparent face mask and wrote: "Staying protected between shots without destroying my make up." The image is taken on the set of an upcoming film, and Sunny looks ready for an outfit and make-up shot. The actress posted a photo of herself with the team earlier, and expressed her excitement of returning to work. "Rise and shine … time to get back back to work during a pandemic! Lovely … no stress at all … but happy to see my team," she wrote with the image, in which she is seen with her team, wearing masks.

This year, after the outbreak of the pandemic, Sunny was in Los Angeles with her family for six months. She said at that time that she thought that during the pandemic, they would be safer in America than in India. Last week, she returned to Mumbai and did not reveal anything about the film that she was shooting for IANS.


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