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Title: Unveiling the Emotional Journey of Ishwar: A Review

In the bustling world of municipal affairs, Ishwar (Siddarth) is a dedicated employee whose life takes a dramatic turn when tragedy strikes his family. This story explores the enigmatic connection between Ishwar and his niece, Chitti, also known as Sundari, whose life ends in tragedy due to harassment. Accusations of wrongdoing are hurled at Ishwar, claiming he committed atrocities against close friends, leaving him at the center of a relentless storm of controversy. Even before these allegations surfaced, Chitti mysteriously vanished, leaving behind an ominous void.

The narrative delves into the complex relationship between Ishwar and Ishwari Priyurals (Nimisha Sajayan) and how their lives unfolded in unexpected ways. We witness Ishwar’s life taking an unexpected turn when he becomes entangled in allegations of harassment that haunt him for eight long years. The film explores how Ishwar defends himself against these damaging accusations and unravels the mystery surrounding Chitti’s disappearance and subsequent kidnapping.

The heart of the story lies in unraveling the questions that surround Ishwar and Chitti’s fates. Who abducted Chitti, and what led to her captivity? How did Ishwar bear the agony of his niece’s disappearance? The film courageously addresses the sensitive issue of sexual assault, shedding light on how it was handled.

Ishwar’s character, depicted with meticulous detail, provides an intimate look into the challenges he confronts within the Municipal Department. As the film unfolds, it might give the impression of an art film, with its emphasis on cinematography, music, and location. The characters and the storyline take their time to develop, but keen observers will discern subtle emotions and mental conflicts that engage the audience. The movie enters an emotional realm roughly 20 minutes before the interval, eliciting a strong response from viewers.

However, as the narrative introduces allegations of sexual harassment against Ishwar, the story takes an unexpected turn. The director, initially setting the stage for a riveting tale, pivots toward deeper emotional scenes. The drama surrounding Chitti’s kidnapping is emotionally charged and grips the audience’s heartstrings.

In this small-scale film, Siddarth undergoes a remarkable transformation, shedding his ‘chocolate boy’ image to portray a glamorous character. His performance in emotional scenes, particularly in the second half of the film, is outstanding. Siddarth skillfully conveys the pain and anguish of the kidnapping, leaving a lasting impact. Nimisha Sajayan and the supporting cast also deliver powerful performances that bolster the film’s narrative.

From a technical perspective, the film shines in cinematography and music. Balaji captures the beauty of locations and nature with finesse, while Vishal Chandrasekhar’s background score elevates the emotional depth of the story. However, some aspects, such as editing and clarity in storytelling, could have been more refined. Siddarth’s involvement as a producer could have potentially enhanced the overall quality of the film.

Despite these minor shortcomings, the film resonates with audiences who appreciate content-driven cinema. It delivers a compelling message about the psychological impact of mobile phones on children. With its engaging narrative, the film is a delightful treat for Telugu audiences, leaving a profound emotional imprint long after the credits roll.

Rating 3/5


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