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Scrapped Buses Turned Into Bio Toilets

After launching Parcel and Cargo services in the state, with an innovative idea, Telangana State Road Transport Corporation (TSRTC) came up with bio-toilet buses for employees in order to make their in-between shifts times convenient. The scrapped buses have been converted into bio-toilets and the move is largely beneficial for employees at their respective changeover points.

The Transport Minister Ajay Puvvada inaugurated these bio-toilet mobile buses on Friday at Hakimpet depot. All these bio-toilet are made by converting scrapped buses that have travelled more than 15 lakh kilometres and are now unfit for public transport. Bio toilets have a colony of anaerobic bacteria that converts human waste into water and methane. The gases are released into the atmosphere and the water is discharged after chlorination on the track itself, thus keeping the environment neat and clean.

In Telangana state, more than 32 bio-toilets will start working and in Miyapur depot, a few abandoned buses are all set to be converted to bio-toilets. At present, nine bio-toilet buses will be released in Hyderabad limits at nine changeover locations. With two toilets, designated for men and female, the bio-toilets coach also has a washbasin and a relaxing area with seating arrangements.

The women employees expressed their happiness over this initiative as pregnant and menstruating ladies need the facility more than anyone. "Many depots don't have separate toilets for women, and most of them were very unclean. Now, thanks to these bio-toilets, we are relieved a bit. We hope more such facilities would come in for the welfare of employees," said a woman conductor from the Hakimpet depot.




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