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Rather making a good engaging movie, crying on reviews and film critics became the job of many filmmakers now. No matter how a review is written or how many stars a film is rated with, if the content excels, it can do magic at box office.

Other day trailer of the film "Sammohanam" got released and it won good acclaim. However in the end of the trailer, there comes a satire, two persons who run a website say, "That Pittsburgh distributor should fall on his body and pray to us, that we give him good ratings". 

Well, there lies the problem. It is sad to see that a filmmaker like Indraganti whose films have won acclaim for their content but reached to majority audiences due to these reviews and ratings, is now throwing a satire on them. Not many know that films like Ashta Chemma and Ami Tumi are released, but in the end, the reviews written by critics made the films get huge attention. 

Rather looking at reviews and ratings as a tool to spread the good word about a film, crying on them for getting poor ratings is an act of ignorance we have to say. And now that Sammohanam is throwing a satire in advance on reviews, we wonder how the content inside the film has shaped up. 




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