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Sania Joins Pregnant Divas List

Gone are the days where hottest celebs will hide behind the compound walls of their houses to make sure that their baby bump and baby fat are not revealed to anyone. These days, some hot celebs are proudly flaunting their pregnancy to the world.

Recently we have seen how Kareena Kapoor has immortalised pregnancy by posing for photo shoots, by appearing at public events in that baby bump and talking about pregnancy at many meets. Surely she's that Pregnant Diva of India like some Hollywood actresses who never hesitated to pose with their bumps. 

Joining that list is none other than Hyderabad's very own tennis sensation Sania Mirza. Other day she attended an event in Mumbai and flaunted her pregnant looks at the airport too. Also, she's seen walking in the parks in and around Banjara Hills area and looking radiant with that newfound glow. Seems like she doesn't want to hide her look. 

Currently, Sania is six months pregnant and we hear that the expected delivery date is in October. 




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