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Rashmika Teases Vijay Devarakonda In Twitter

It all began with Rashmika Mandanna congratulating her 'Geeta Govindham' co-star Vijay Devarakonda on winning the Filmfare Award in the Best Actor category recently.

True to his irreverent style, VD didn't just tell her 'Thank you' and the like on Twitter.  He writes atypical messages and here was one.  "Getting to spend time with you has been the real award.  These awards (referring to Filmfare award) come and go," the 'Arjun Reddy' actor quipped.

Right on the cue, Rashmika sensed overacting in VD's comment.  "Look Govindam, this is the kind of overacting you should cut down on.  Had Prabhas or NTR got the award, there would have been no fuss at all," the 'Chalo' actress joked.

VD now went a step ahead and claimed that "Geeta madam" (Rashmika's name in 'Geeta Govindam') loving him is more than enough for him.  The actress then said that VD doesn't leave out any girl.  She suggested that he was flirting with her.

VD closed the convo by asking her to meet her on June 23.  "I will explain to you everything then," the 'Taxiwala' actor said.  What are they up to?




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