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Ramoji Rao Quits As Chief Editor Of Eenadu

Media baron and business honcho Ramoji Rao, who is also a senior journalist and longtime-serving editor of Eenadu daily, has quit to the Chief Editor post. Ramoji Rao has decided to quit the duties of the chief editor of the leading Telugu daily and he would continue as the Founder & Chairman of Eenadu Group. He will not interfere in the day-to-day activities and he is expected to have no direct control on editorial decisions of Eenadu daily.

According to reports, M Nageswara Rao has been named as the new editor of Eenadu daily for Andhra Pradesh edition. Whereas, DN Prasad has been chosen as the editor for the Telangana edition. This is a significant development in Eenadu group. By choosing the Editors for Andhra Pradesh and Telangana editions separately, Ramoji Rao has set a new precedent at Eenadu.

This is a revolutionary change in Eenadu editorial. It is first time, an editor has been chosen for the daily. So far, the daily is run in the name of Chief Editor Ramoji Rao who is also founder and chairman.

Of late, Telugu media is going through a difficult phase. Like never before, the media has been targeted and segregated by the governments. In Andhra Pradesh, Jagan administration has blocked ETV and its channels from providing the Assembly footage. Along with ETV, ABN and TV5 have also been blocked from the telecast of Assembly footage. Neither the live of Assembly nor the footage is being provided to these three channels. This has shocked the media fraternity as it had never happened before. Even when TDP was in the government, Sakshi has been provided the feed of Assembly proceedings.

Even in Telangana, a section of media is owned,controlled by some groups close to the ruling party. Amidst this, Ramoji Rao stepping down as chief editor is certainly an alarming decision.




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