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Ram Charan Is Busy In Next Movie Story Search

Ram Charan has been in the merry of stupendous success of "Rangasthalam". At the same time he is feeling more responsible and has become more conscious about his stories giving an exemption only to the master craftsman Rajamouli.Inside sources say that Ram Charan has given direction to his team around to browse through some old novels from different languages with some intense story lines with character rich narration. 

Rangasthalam, a period backdrop line caught the attention of majority audience due to its novelty and powerful characters in the film. It is said that Ram Charan is believing in the story lines where the concentration of characterization focuses not only on the hero but also rest of the characters. Such phenomenon is generally seen in the old novels.That seems to be a very wise understanding and it is needless to say that Telugu film industry will have more meaningful intense films if the stars like Ram Charan take decision. 




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