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Rain In Hyderabad Killed A Person In Car

Last night, flash rains hit Hyderabad and several areas in the city were left waterlogged. The Kukatpally and surrounding areas recorded 6.8 cm rain last night. In a shocking incident, a driver named Gopi was killed when the rain water submerged his car in the cellar of an apartment in Kukatpally.

As per the reports, Gopi was sleeping inside his car which was parked in the cellar of Sree Mayuri Residency in Jayanagar, Kukatpally, last night. Gopi was in deep sleep and couldn't notice the rain water seeping through the car windows.

Within minutes, the rain water submerged the cellar, including Gopi's car. Gopi was suffocated to death in his sleep. Residents found his body this morning and informed the police. Cops arrived immediately and employed fire engines to pump out the water from the cellar.




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