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Rahul Wins Bigg Boss, Sreemukhi Is Runner Up

Till date, it is widely believed by fans that the crown will be between Baba Bhaskar and Sreemukhi, and many felt that the anchor will win it effortlessly. However, it looks like the final result is a bit surprising.
According to sources, filming of #BiggBoss3 Finale episode is done and the winner is here. Yes, none other than Rahul Sipligunj got crowned as the winner of #BiggBoss3 Telugu while Sreemukhi is the runner up. Many thought that a girl will win the crown for the first time in Telugu Bigg Boss history, but it looks like Sreemukhi also got ended up like a Geetha Madhuri.
And the crowing of Rahul is quite surprising as it was always felt that Varun Sandesh and Baba Bhaskar are a bit better contestants than the Telangana based singer. Though Rahul's task participating is a bit harsh and his language towards certain contestants is not good, somehow youths got connected to him.
The finale featuring all the mega guests and the crowing of Rahul will be aired tomorrow night.

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