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Pregnant Doctor Loses Battle To Covid-19, Husband Shares Her Last Video Message

The dangerous coronavirus is not leaving anyone. We have been listening to the news of many youngsters falling prey to COVID-19. Now, a video of a dentist, shot a few days before she died is going viral on social media platforms.

Ravish Chawla, the husband of Dimple Arora took to his Twitter and shared a heart breaking video of his wife urging people not to take coronavirus lightly. In the video, the woman said that, "Don't take corona lightly… Bad symptoms… I'm not able to speak. Please wear a mask when you interact with people for the safety of your near and dear ones. I really pray no one goes through this. I don't want anybody to have these symptoms. Please don't be irresponsible because there are elderly people, pregnant women, children at your home. I always want to work. I was so active but my body is giving up now." Here is the video.

Dimple had tested positive for coronavirus in her seventh month of pregnancy and died on April 26th, just a day after losing her unborn child. The baby died in her womb.

Speaking with a news daily, Ravish Chawla said that, "It was in her innate nature to inform people about what precautions they can take. So, she had actually made this for our family and friends. But her untimely demise made me post this message to the world so that the world can know that you should not take Covid so lightly. It was her message and you should be wearing a mask not just for yourself but for the elderly or pregnant women… That was my wife's message. I just want people to know about it."

He said that Dimple's oxygen level started dipping 10 days after she tested positive for coronavirus. He further added that she was immediately admitted to hospital where she was given Remdesivir and adminstered two rounds of plasma therapy but nothing worked out.

India is taking all the measures to control the spread of coronavirus. Those who have crossed 18 years of age can take vaccine. But pregnant and lactating women have not been part of any COVID-19 vaccine clinical trial in India so far.


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