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Pakistan Stoops To New Low With Abhinandans Mannequin Display At PAF Museum

Ever since Indian Air Force Wing Pilot Abhinandan Varthaman was released on March 1 after taking him into custody by PAF, Pakistan has been trolling the Indian hero for various reasons. The most brutal trolls on the teacup and his moustache have made Pakistan drop its sensibility.

After portraying Abhinandan in a witty manner in one of its ad during the world cup, Pakistan is stooping down to much-unprecedented level by coming up with Mr.Varthaman's mannequin. Yes, a war museum in Pakistan Air Force is seen displaying a mannequin of Indian Air Force Wing Pilot Abhinandan Varthaman. And of course, more than Indians, its Pakistanis, who do not forget the teacup. They have also placed the cup beside him.

A photo of the mannequin was shared by political commentator and Pakistan journalist Anwar Lodhi who captioned his post, "PAF has put mannequin of Abhi Nandhan on display in the museum. This would be a more interesting display if it can arrange a Cup of FANTASTIC tea in his hand." Putting war ethics at bay, Pakistan has dishonoured Indian pilot once again.

While India is celebrating his valour and bravery, Pakistan, on the other hand, is trying to demean him as brutally as possible. Abhinandan, who was flying the MiG 21 Bison during a counter-attack to the Balakot airstrike in February chased Pakistani F-16 fighters. However, his jet surpassed the Pakistani side and was shot down. Hence was taken into custody by the Pakistan Army upon landing. Before his plane was shot, he had hit a Pakistani F-16.




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