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Netflix Shocker To Baahubali Makers-Stop It Please

The web series of the story of 'Sivagami', which is based on the book Anand Neelakantan's 'The Rise Of Sivagami' was supposed to release in November 2019. It is December already and there is no announcement coming from the makers, either from Netflix or from Arka Media. Here comes insider news of it.

Apparently directors Deva Katta and Praveen Sattaru have shot the 8-episode Season 1 of "Sivagami" which will have Baahubali producers as the co-producers while Netflix funds it. However, the final cut of all the episodes is ready with visual effects over a couple of episodes wrapped. But the final output is said to have not impressed both Netflix and Arka Media folks.

As this web series is standing nowhere as a match to the Baahubali franchise created and crafted by Rajamouli, the makers of the TV series are said to have stuck in a dilemma. With the output turning out to be mediocre, Netflix is said to have taken a final call, as they have conveyed to Arka to 'Stop It Please'.

Some say that Rajamouli himself will be stepping in to repair this TV series and finalising the things that need a reshoot or fresh shoot. But then, the TV series might not come even in 2020, say reports.




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