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Mega Star Challenging Audiences With His Next Movies

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Megastar Chiranjeevi’s return from his recent USA vacation has stirred up the Telugu film industry with speculations surrounding his upcoming project, referred to as #Mega156. While his 157th film, helmed by the acclaimed director Vasisht of “Bimbisara” fame, has already been announced, fans eagerly await details of the former. Interestingly, this buzzworthy venture seems to be taking shape with not one but three prominent directors vying for the opportunity to collaborate with the iconic actor. Surprisingly, his elder daughter Sushmitha Konidela’s name isn’t linked to any of these potential projects.

Chiranjeevi and Trivikram – A Dream Combo?

It’s no secret that Chiranjeevi and renowned director Trivikram Srinivas have harbored a desire to team up for quite some time now. Trivikram, the mastermind behind memorable dialogues and the story of “Jai Chiranjeevi,” a film that left a lasting impact, is reportedly in discussions with the megastar for a new project. While DVV Danayya is expected to produce this film, it won’t be under Sushmitha’s production banner.

Allu Arvind’s Ambitious Project with Chiru

Another exciting prospect on the horizon is the potential collaboration between Chiranjeevi and the prominent producer Allu Arvind. After a considerable hiatus, Allu Arvind is keen to bring Chiranjeevi back to the big screen and is in talks with director Sukumar for a yet-to-be-announced venture. With Sukumar currently having no major commitments post-“Pushpa 2,” fans are eagerly awaiting confirmation of this intriguing partnership.

Dil Raju’s Long-Awaited Collaboration

Producer Dil Raju has long aspired to work with Chiranjeevi, and recent reports suggest that he has tasked director Anil Ravipudi with narrating a script to the megastar. While the fate of this project remains uncertain, the mere mention of these three eminent directors expressing interest in Chiranjeevi’s next film has sent shockwaves through the industry.

Amidst these developments, Trivikram is gearing up for Allu Arjun’s pan-India project, which follows “Guntur Kaaram.” It remains to be seen whether he will temporarily set aside that venture for a quick collaboration with Chiru. Additionally, director Kalyan Krishna Kurasala, initially slated to helm the remake of “Bro Daddy” with Megastar, is diligently working on a fresh script tailored to the senior star hero.

As the Telugu film fraternity buzzes with anticipation, Chiranjeevi’s next move is closely watched, and fans can’t wait to witness the magic that unfolds with one of these illustrious directors.


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