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Mega Hungama Of Rangamma Mangammaa

'Rangasthalam' turned out to be the first blockbuster of the year.   The audience were thoroughly impressed with the 80s village backdrop.  The movie is not only a money spinner at the box office, it went on to become a musical hit.  Almost all the songs in the movie turned out to be chartbusters.  A song from 'Rangasthalam' movie is re-writing records now. 

It is known that 'Rangamma.. Mangamma' song has struck a chord with the audience right from the release day of the song.  When the movie released, the audience liked it even more because of the Samantha dance and wonderful picturisation.   The song received record number of views of uploading it on to the YouTube.  We can understand the range of song as it received 40 million views in short span of time.  The number of views is increasing with each passing day. 

 Vachinde… mellamellaga vachinde from 'Fida'.. Saahore from 'Baahubali-2'  songs have the highest number of views record till now.  Both the songs have more than 120 million views.  But these songs were uploaded ten months ago.   If we watch the speed of Rangamma Mangamma, it will surely cross the record of those two songs.  It seems Chittibabu-Ramalakshmi couple is doing mega hungama on the YouTube.



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