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Mangalavaaram Movie Review: A Spine-Chilling Experience

Mangalavaaram Movie review

Mangalavaaram Movie Review: A Thrilling Narrative

The much-anticipated Mangalavaaram Movie Review, directed by Ajay Bhupathi, has been stirring conversations since its inception. With a stellar cast including Payal Rajput, Nandita Shwetha, Chaitanya Krishna, and Ravinda Vijay, this film aimed to captivate audiences with its intriguing premise and promising promos.

Plot Unraveled: Mystery, Intrigue, and Unexpected Twists

Set in Mahalaxmipuram village, the film unfolds with mysterious deaths linked by one common thread—extramarital affairs. Before each demise, the victims’ illicit relationships are unveiled on a wall, sending shockwaves through the community. As the killings escalate, the villagers unite to uncover the identity of the perpetrator behind these chilling acts. Who is Shailu (Payal Rajput), and how does she fit into this sinister puzzle? The unraveling of these enigmas forms the crux of the story.


Stellar Performances and Gripping Moments

Payal Rajput shines in a substantial role, delivering a performance that resonates with the film’s intensity. Supported by a commendable ensemble including Ravindra Vijay, Chaitanya Krishna, Ajmal Ameer, Divya Pillai, and Nandita Shwetha, the cast adds depth to the narrative. Ajay Ghosh, Muralidhar Goud, and others contribute aptly, enhancing the film’s authenticity.

Highlights and Lowlights: The Cinematic Balance


  • Intriguing Backstory
  • Riveting Pre-Climax
  • Compelling Climax
  • Immersive Background Score


  • Lackluster First Half
  • Inconsistent Cinematography
  • Sluggish Pace

Final  Verdict of Mangalavaaram Movie Review : A Balance of Twists and Tempos

Mangalavaaram delivers an adequate dose of thrills, sprinkled with breathtaking moments. The unexpected storyline and subsequent plot twists offer a captivating cinematic experience. However, the film’s sluggish pace leading to the pre-climax, coupled with a relatively underwhelming first half, holds back its full potential. Despite its flaws, it presents a unique viewing experience for those seeking a distinctive narrative.

This revised review aims to capture the essence of Mangalavaaram, highlighting its strengths and weaknesses while inviting audiences to delve into this intriguing tale.

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Article By: Sai Kiran

Published On: 17th, November 2023


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