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Managalavaaram: Ajay Bhupathi’s Mysterious New Film Stuns with Trailer

Mangalavaaram Movie Review

Director Ajay Bhupathi, known for the sensational blockbuster “RX 100,” faced disappointment with his second film, “Mahasamudram.” However, his upcoming project, “Managalavaaram,” featuring Payal Rajput in the lead role, has generated excitement following a well-received teaser. Today, the film’s theatrical trailer was officially launched by the renowned Megastar Chiranjeevi.

The trailer hints at a captivating storyline focused on a village plagued by mysterious deaths occurring every Tuesday, known as “Managalavaaram.” The villagers are in a state of bewilderment as they grapple with these unexplained fatalities. Simultaneously, the trailer provides a glimpse of Payal Rajput’s character, raising questions about the cause behind these deaths. Is it the work of supernatural forces, or are humans involved in these unsettling events? These are the enigmatic elements at the core of “Managalavaaram.”

The trailer of “Managalavaaram” shines in terms of its sound design, visuals, and background score, setting high expectations for the film’s production values. It is evident that the filmmakers have spared no expense in delivering a visually stunning experience. In recent times, there has been a growing concern about technical aspects in Telugu cinema, but “Managalavaaram’s” trailer offers a promising ray of hope. With an intriguing storyline, all eyes are now on how Ajay Bhupathi has presented this tale.

Once again, Payal Rajput steps into a bold and compelling role, adding to the film’s anticipation. “Managalavaaram” is a production of A Creative Works and Mudhra Media Works, featuring musical compositions by Ajaneesh Loknath, known for his work in “Kantara” and “Virupaksha.” The movie is set for a multi-lingual release on November 17th, and audiences eagerly await to see if Ajay Bhupathi can make a successful comeback with this exciting project.

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Article By: Sai Kiran

Published On: 21st, October 2023


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