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Mahesh Bhatt’s Family Seeks A Written Apology And Rs 90 Lakhs Against Luviena Lodh For Defamation

On Wednesday, after actor Luviena Lodh claimed to be a relative of filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt and accused her estranged husband, Sumit Sabharwal, of trafficking drugs and flesh, the Bhatt family, including the sister of Mahesh Bhatt, Kumkum Saigal, and nephew, Sahil Saigal filed an injunction against Lodh at the Civil Court of Bombay City to demand a written apology and a sum of Rs 90 lakh for allegedly making de de Lodh According to a news source, the lawyer of the actor was granted time until next week to file his reply with the court, without granting interim relief as demanded by the complainants in the case. He is likely to request the transfer of the case to the Civil Court in Dindoshi.

Earlier, on her Instagram account, Luviena posted a video alleging that Mahesh Bhatt was bullying her. She also mentioned in the video, "If anything happens to me or my family tomorrow, Mahesh Bhatt, Mukesh Bhatt, Sumit Sabherwal, Sahil Sehgal and Kumkum Sehgal will be the only people responsible for it." Pooja Bhatt wrote in a tweet addressing the allegations, Mahesh's daughter, Pooja Bhatt, "Please note that the lady in question is not a 'relative' because the man she was married to-Sumit Sabherwal is not MRR. Sumit is a senior production manager at @VisheshFilms / head of production."


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