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Madras HC Dismisses Actor Suriya’s Plea For Income Tax Interest Waiver

Tamil heroes are receiving shocks aftershocks from the Madras High Court on tax cases. Earlier Vijay and Dhanush approached the Madras HC for seeking tax exemption on owning an imported luxury car. But the Madras HC was not convinced with the heroes’ tax exemption request and ordered them to pay the full amount.

Freshly hero Suriya landed in a similar case but not in owning a luxury car. Going into details of this story, in 2010 the Income Tax department held raids at Suriya’s residence and also his production offices located in Chennai. After doing all the estimates, in 2011, the IT department ordered Suirya to pay Rs 3.11 crore in the form of taxes for the years 2007-08 and 2008-09.

On the IT notices, Suriya approached the IT tribunal but the case was sidelined by the tribunal. In 2018, Suriya knocked the Madras High Court citing delay and it came for hearing on Tuesday.

Suriya’s advocate claimed that the IT department delayed the case and so requested the court to waive the amount to be paid to the IT department. But the IT Council argued that hero Suriya did not cooperate with the IT department while dealing with the case and so there occurred a delay. The council also said Suriya is not entitled for interest deduction.

After hearing both the arguments, the Madras HC dismissed the petition of Suriya and asked him to pay the above mentioned amount and also the interest amount for all the years. It’s kind of a setback for the ‘Sangham’ star.

On the work front Suriya is busy with ‘Etharkkum Thunindhavan’ and ‘Jai Bhim’.


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