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Kollywood Actor Great Gesture For Covid Victims, Turns Into Ambulance Driver

In a great gesture Kannada actor Arjun Gowda has turned into an ambulance driver and is helping Covid-19 patients and victims in Bengaluru city. He even went on to assist the final rites of a couple of victims too.

When asked why he is doing so despite the huge risk factor considering the storm of the second wave in Karnataka and most severely in Bengaluru city, Arjun replied that it is his commitment and honour to serve the people of the state.

This humanitarian work of Arjun is getting flooded with a lot of appreciation. Some of them were worried whether he might contract the virus but Arjun said that he took all the precautions while driving the ambulance.

Till date we have seen people like Sonu Sood and now Arjun is another to add to the list of celebrities who are doing everything in their capacity to serve people in any form. But Arjun Gowda’s helping hand is more valuable because he is also risking his life simultaneously.


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