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Jagan Mohan Reddy’s TOEFL Scam On Students

In a significant development, the government has entered into a partnership with the Educational Testing Service (ETS) to administer TOEFL tests for students across the nation from 2023 to 2027, covering a broad spectrum of students, from grade 3 to grade 10.

  • For this extensive five-year agreement, the government will pay a total fee of just 1056 crores.
  • This means Chief Minister Jagan is collecting 4 times the amount of taxes from the people over four years.

  •  It justifies the government’s high expenditure in this manner.
  •  The validity for GRE and TOEFL degrees is only 2 years.

  •  If you spend this much now, after intermediate and a 3-year degree, students will have to take the same TOEFL exam with their own money, no exemptions, no shortcuts.

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