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Jagan is Lord Sriram: AP Speaker Certifies

The AP Meeting classes rocked on Monday with a manhandling incident. When Telugu Desam MLAs had been protesting on the Speaker Tammineni Sitharam’s podium, YCP MLAs stormed in the direction of them and a scuffle occurred. TDP MLAs alleged that their MLAs had been attacked by YCP MLAs Vempally and Sudhakar Babu.

Submit this incident Meeting Speaker Tammineni suspended TDP MLAs and reacted to the scuffle incident. “TDP MLAs tried to push me from my chair and threw the papers at me. I’m no Buddha however our Chief Minister who’s equal to Lord Sriram is there to guard me and he can even defend the Meeting and state from evil forces,” mentioned Tammineni. This validation is one thing that has gone over the board.

Discovering fault with TDP MLAs, Tammineni added that the behaviour of opposition legislators within the Meeting is unacceptable. Hereafter whoever reaches the Speaker’s podium, will probably be mechanically suspended from the Meeting. However the Speaker didn’t react to YCP MLAs attacking TDP MLAs.

YCP MLA Sudhakar Babu pushed TDP MLA Dola Bala Veeranjaneya Swami who was protesting on the Speaker’s podium. Having misplaced stability, the TDP MLA fell on the ground after which YCP MLA Vempally snatched placards from TDP’s Butchaiah Chowdary. Speaker Tammineni, who was the shut spectator of those occasions, didn’t utter a phrase.



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