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Hit Teaser- Revenge Thriller

Neither revenge thrillers nor cop dramas are new. They are done to death. Yet, debutante director Sailesh Kolanu attempts similar one with Vishwak Sen as the protagonist.

Vishwak Sen is seen as a rugged cop who had lost his loved one in a tragic incident. What was the incident? What led to losing his loved one? What if he is encountered with similar incident? How does the protagonist react and take on? This forms the crux of the story of Hit.Technical front, the teaser looks promising. Cinematography work is good. Background score is alright. Vishwak Sen is as usual. He is back as intense, angry man. Looks like, the action took the center stage in the teaser.

Female lead Ruhani Sharma, of Chi La Sow fame, is missing in the teaser. Though the teaser promises to be a regular cop story with revenge backdrop laced with action and emotion, one has to see how the treatment of the film is done as the treatment matters most. On the whole, the teaser is just okay. Let's wait for the trailer.




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