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Google To Compete With Amazon And Flipkart

Google, one of world's leading technology and Internet giant, is hoping to compete Amazon and Walmart in Indian market. The US-headquartered company is aiming to launch its own e-commerce portal with an intention to enjoy the emerging sector of future.

With Amazon already in the game and US retail giant Walmart stepping into the e-commerce space by acquiring 77% of Indian-born Flipkart, Sundar Pichai-led Google Inc is also now contemplating the idea of foraying into this potential sector. Before taking it globally, Google is most-likely to debut in India.

Amazon and Flipkart are now enjoying a $38.5 billion market in India and by 2020, the e-commerce sector is projected to become $100 billion market. Initially, Google planned to invest $2 billion in Flipkart, but the global company dropped off the idea and decided to follow Amazon – i.e. to launch its own e-commerce portal in India. Google's main potential is 18-million subscriber base of Gmail and the company believes vernacular features of the online portal will attract millions of Indian shoppers.

A source that revealed the news has reportedly quoted – 'Google is thoroughly understanding the Indian market before making its debut in the country. The company believes that it is better to have a budgeted spend than unbudgeted and unlimited discounts that the other cash cow businesses have to fund in perpetuity'. The source also revealed Google is associated with 2,000 workshops to help the global company to identify sellers across the nation. So far, 15,000 sellers were identified for the Google's e-commerce platform.

Google has 78 offices in more than 50 countries. Google is the top search engine in India, where it's hoping to take over Amazon and Walmart (Flipkart). We need to wait and see where this online battle will take Google to!




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