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Girish Malik-‘Torbaaz Airs Terrorism With A Human Angle’

In the upcoming movie, filmmaker Girish Malik, who directs Sanjay Dutt in his new film 'Torbaaz', says he wanted to present a tale of hope and explore terrorism from a human perspective. 'Torbaaz' is the tale of a man who rises above personal tragedy and decides, through the game of cricket, to change the lives of refugee camp children who are on the road of destruction. "liI always like to bring out characters and stories that people have never imagined. There is so much that needs to be told through the medium of cinema in this world. For me the world of filmmaking is very interesting and I like to portray each character in the most truthful and impactful way. That has always been my focus. 'Torbaaz' is one such storey and will definitely have an effect on the viewers," Malik said. 

Talking about the journey, he shared: "The idea is to show a story of hope and also to discuss terrorism with a human angle. The journey was a rollercoaster with ups and downs. Lots of challenges and hardships, but the passion to tell this story and to tell it a certain way was huge. It is a story with a massive canvas, and considering the scale required it was tough. It was nothing short of an ordeal to be honest." "I like to tell stories that make an impact and are interesting to watch too. I am not making a documentary but the audience is intelligent today, so the authenticity needs to be there. I don't take my audience for granted. Filmmaking is my passion. And I am a very visual person. I think in visuals," he added. Torbaaz stars Sanjay Dutt with Nargis Fakhri and Rahul Dev. The film releases on Netflix on December 11.


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