Galla Jayadev Questions Pawan Kalyans Silence

Galla Jaydev took potshots at Pawan Kalyan for failing to control his fans. The Guntur MP complained, 'While Pawan Kalyan attacked media for practices that have offended him personally, His Followers are making personal remarks, body shaming, using foul language, attacking family and inciting violence'.

Jaydev opined Pawan's Silence on the objectionable behaviour of Fans is like a tacit approval and encouragement. At the same time, He appealed his followers to refrain from vulgarity, personal attacks, body shaming, attacking family and inciting violence. 'You have never done so earlier, and let’s continue to set the right example for others,' he added.

Although abusive behaviour can't be encouraged or tolerated, Any Star Hero willn't be in a position to control their Fans. Pawan Kalyan has appealed to his Fans not to abuse or attack anyone many times but nothing changed. Reaction of Fans will be no different if Mahesh Babu or Balakrishna was in place of PK. Why didn't Jaydev take that into account? How fair is it to project that Pawan himself has been provoking his fans?

Source – Gulte

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