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Former Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu Appeals to ACB Court

Chandrababu Letter to ACB Court

Former Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has penned a letter to a ACB court, raising concerns about security lapses within the prison where he is currently incarcerated.

Naidu, who was arrested on September 9 on charges of misappropriating funds from the Skill Development Corporation, resulting in a reported loss of over Rs 300 crore to the state treasury, is currently housed in the Rajamahendravaram central prison.


In the letter addressed to Vijayawada ACB Court Judge B S V Hima Bindu, Naidu has requested enhanced security measures for his protection, akin to the Z plus category security he is entitled to.

He points out various alleged security lapses, including unauthorized photography and videography during his entry to the prison, as well as instances of drones hovering over the facility on two occasions.

Naidu expresses concerns that these incidents pose a threat to his life despite his Z plus category security status.

Naidu further alleges that police leaked the video footage and photographs taken during his prison entry, which were subsequently widely circulated in the media, including on social platforms, in an attempt to tarnish his reputation.

He also claims that one of the remand prisoners, who is in custody on a narcotics-related charge, is in possession of a pen camera.

Additionally, Naidu asserts that the superintendent of police for East Godavari district and prison authorities received an anonymous letter from left-wing extremists, threatening his assassination, suggesting that substantial sums of money were involved in this threat.

Regarding the use of drones, Naidu contends that unidentified individuals flew a drone to monitor his activities within the prison on behalf of powerful individuals.

He raises concerns about another drone flying over the prison’s main gate on October 6, capturing images of his visiting family members. Naidu believes these incidents highlight the security risks to both him and his family.

In light of these alleged security lapses and threats, Naidu has called upon the Judge to arrange comprehensive security measures in and around the Rajamahendravaram central prison, where he is currently detained.


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