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Emraan Hashmi Ventures South: An Insight into His Telugu Debut “OG”

Emraan Hashmi

The highly anticipated release of “Tiger 3” marked a milestone in the YRF Spy Universe, showcasing Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif reprising their iconic roles. Amidst the buzz of this global success, the spotlight shifted to Emraan Hashmi, who, after making waves as the antagonist Aatish Rehman, is poised for a significant transition in his career.

Unveiling Emraan Hashmi’s Foray into Telugu Cinema

Steering away from the familiar Bollywood landscape, Hashmi is set to embark on a new journey in his acting career with his Telugu debut in the Pawan Kalyan starrer “OG.” Directed by Sujeeth, renowned for his work on “Sahoo,” this gangster drama promises a compelling narrative enriched by Hashmi’s portrayal of a negative character.

Embracing Ambition and Pan-India Reach

In an exclusive exchange with News18, Hashmi expressed his excitement, deeming “OG” an ambitious endeavor mounted on a grand scale. He acknowledges the film’s pan-India appeal, recognizing the opportunity to connect with an audience familiar with him as an actor but not necessarily exposed to his body of work.

“I also wanted to explore a larger audience and work in this unfamiliar territory and penetrate down South, something that I hadn’t done before,” Hashmi elaborated, emphasizing his eagerness to delve into uncharted cinematic territories.

Emraan Hashmi’s Fascination with “OG”

Remaining tight-lipped about his character, Hashmi tantalizingly hinted at the allure of the world crafted by Sujeeth for “OG.” “The character that I am playing and the world that Sujeeth has created for OG are very fascinating,” he shared, adding praise for his co-star Pawan Kalyan, acknowledging the actor’s remarkable screen presence.

Hashmi’s venture into the Telugu industry underscores his intent to explore diverse roles and audiences, affirming his versatility beyond Bollywood’s confines. With “OG” poised to showcase his prowess in a different cinematic landscape, anticipation mounts for this cross-cultural collaboration.

Transitioning seamlessly into South Indian cinema, Emraan Hashmi’s upcoming portrayal in “OG” serves as a testament to his quest for diverse roles and cinematic exploration

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Article BySai Kiran

Published On: 25th, November 2023


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