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Dont Touch Me,Overnight Stars Overaction

Ranu Mondal, who became an overnight internet sensation after people discovered her singing to be highly talented. A viral video of her singing at a railway station and in a poor condition impressed people from all over the nation and made her famous by sharing the video. Ranu sang 'Ek Pyar Ka Nagma Hai' on a railway platform, which has now made her a celebrity singer in a short span.

But along with fame came arrogance. Ranu Mondal's new viral video shows her fussy nature as she dominatingly asked her fan to not touch her. In the video, a woman can be seen approaching Mondal from behind and tapping her on the shoulder. And the lady asked for a selfie to which Ranu got irked. She immediately asked "What is this?" by tapping back woman's shoulder.

She asked her fan to not touch like that, showing the pride in being famous. It is sad that she forgot where she got from and how beautifully good-natured human she was. Now, that Ranu recorded three Bollywood songs with ace music composer Himesh Reshammiya, she became a bit over the head.

Her behaviour has left netizens in surprise and asked her to not forget her roots. One user very angrily wrote, "Ranu Mondal should have been happy that people are now touching her at least". It is true that Ranu got the attention that she deserved, but she proved the cliche' that money and fame change people.




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