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Don’t Call It Pawan’s Bus Yatra!

After Tirumala and Chittoor District tour, Pawan Kalyan went to Visakhapatnam for his Sikkolu Trip. Will it be a Padayatra or Bus Yatra? Pawan Fans are expressing their displeasure if anybody call it as Bus Yatra as they fear such a publicity would lower the impact of PK's Tour.

Pawan Kalyan himself clarified it's not going to be Bus Yatra but Poratala Yatra. He would be touring the three districts in Uttar Andhra (Visakhapatnam, Vizianagaram and Srikakulam) for a period of 45 days from May 20th. The tour will start from Ichapuram in Srikakulam District. PK would pay tributes to martyrs and offer prayers to Gangamma before kickstarting the yatra. Jana Sena Poratala Yatra continues till July first week.

This is for the first time Pawan Kalyan will be going into the people in a full-fledged manner. It shows his commitment to serve the public in his own capacity.

People who were let down by TDP Government are eagerly waiting for Pawan Kalyan's Yatra. They believe their issues will be highlighted if Jana Sena visit their villages.




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