Cricket Player Died Of Heart Attack During Match,Video Surfaces Online

Babu Nalwade, a 47-year-old man, passed away on Wednesday, February 17 after suffering a heart attack while playing a cricket match in Junnar tehsil of Pune district. In a video doing the rounds on social media platforms, the player was seen, collapsing on the ground while standing at the non-striker’s end.

The incident took place in a local tournament organized near the Jadhavwadi village. In the clip, the umpire was seen, rushing towards Nalwade to check for his well-being. He was then taken to a nearby hospital and was declared dead thereafter.

The deceased player even had a quick chat with the match umpire and his batting partner before he suddenly fainted and breathed his last on the cricket field. Talking more about the shocking incident, the batsman was at the non-striker's end when his partner failed to time the previous ball with perfection before the incident took place at the cricket strip.

After the end of the delivery, the batsman at the non-striker's end enquired about the number of balls left in the over with the match umpire. In an unfortunate turn of events, the batsman then suffered a loss of consciousness and collapsed on the ground. The batsman reportedly died of a heart attack on the cricket field in Junnar.  

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