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Covid Scare: Karnataka Minister Reports That Over 3000 Covid19 Patients Went Missing

What could scare people more than individuals, who have tested positive for the novel Coronavirus go missing, and Police personnel was allotted the responsibility of tracing the Covid-19 patients.

Karnataka reported the scary incident of around 3,000 Covid-19 people going missing. The State Cabinet Minister announced the development, which has sent shocking waves across the state.

Karnataka Revenue Minister R Ashoka said that around 3,000 people, who have tested positive, went missing from the state capital Bengaluru.

The Minister said that it has become a task to trace the infected people, as they have switched off their mobile phones. That is the reason why we have asked the Police personnel to help us in this regard, he said.

Expressing their concerns that these missing people might spread the virus to others, the Minister had appealed to everyone who had tested positive for Covid-19 to keep their mobile phones on, so that their whereabouts can be traced down.

"I feel that at least 2,000 to 3,000 people in Bengaluru have switched off their phones and left their houses.We don't know where they have gone," the state Revenue Minister maintained.

Karnataka, one of the severely hit states with the Covid-19 outbreak has imposed the 14 days lockdown, which came into effect from Tuesday. Barring the essential services, everything will be shut down during the period.


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