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Coca Cola to double its investments in Telangana

Coca Cola to double its investments in Telangana


Coca Cola to double its investments in Telangana

The Coca-Cola Company has announced large-scale investments in the state of Telangana. The company, which is already investing to expand its operations widely in the state of Telangana, has recently announced its additional investment plans. The company announced its plans in a meeting with Industries Minister Taraka Rama Rao in New York City, USA.

Vice President of Coca-Cola Company James Make Grivy met with Minister KTR. He said that India is the third largest market in the world for their company and they are moving forward with a strategy to further expand their operations and business in India. As part of that, he informed Minister KTR that they are doubling their investments in Telangana. As a part of this, more than 100 crores have been invested in the past for the expansion of the company’s huge bottling plant at Aminpur. In addition to this, an MoU was also signed with the Telangana government on April 22 for the construction of a new bottling plant at a cost of Rs 1000 crore in Siddipet district. To this extent, the company will continue construction activities there, he said.


The support received from the Telangana State Government, the speed in the construction of their plant, Keeping in view the business growth in the region, Coca Cola Company has come forward to invest an additional Rs 647 crore in the Siddipet district plant which is currently under construction. The plant, which is currently under construction, will be completed by December 24.

Coca-Cola Company officials  told Minister KTR that if the investment in the proposed new manufacturing plant is included, the Coca-Cola Company will invest more than 2500 crores in Telangana State.

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