Bihar Elections 2020: NDA Wins Again, PM Modi Congratulates Nitish Kumar

The BJP-led National Democratic Alliance (NDA) was declared as the winner of the Bihar Assembly election in the early hours of Wednesday morning, after more than 14 hours of counting, several twists and turns, and charges of cheating. At six in the evening today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Amit Shah will enter the BJP office to congratulate the employees on the election victory of the Bihar assembly. The NDA eased past the majority mark of 122 in the 243-member Parliament, boosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi's rallies. In its alliance with Nitish Kumar's JDU, which won only 43, the BJP won 74 seats to emerge as the senior member. Boosted by many rallies by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the NDA reached the majority mark of 122 at 2.57 AM.

According to data on the website of the Election Commission, in its alliance with Chief Minister Nitish Kumar's JDU, which managed just 42, the BJP won 72 seats to emerge as the senior member. The opposition, led by Tejashwi Yadav of the RJD, put up a good fight but ultimately fell short. However, the RJD is the single-largest party, with 75 seats. The Congress, seen by many as the reason for the inability of the opposition to go all the way, contested 70 seats but won just 19. The LJP of Chirag Paswan, which was Nitish Kumar 's source of much anger, won only one seat.

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