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BiggBoss Telugu Winner Trolled For Benz Car

During his 'winning speech' and then before actually reaching the finale, #BiggBoss3 winner Rahul Sipligunj made some "Middle Class" like statements which have actually helped him win the crown. He went on saying that if he wins #BiggBoss3, he will be buying a home for his parents who gave their lives to him. What's the reality though?

Rahul has first opened a hair salon in Hyderabad as both he and his brother studied 'Hair Styling' courses in New York prior to the singer venturing into film world. And then, other day Rahul took to his social media to announce that he has bought a brand new Mercedes Benz C Class car. These back to back revelations have hurt a section of fans who voted for him during his Bigg Boss stint.

"You said you didn't even have a home. But now you opened a luxury saloon and bought a Benz car. Means, you cheated us with your words during the show" a user commented. Another one commented, "You don't have an own house to live in, but needed a Benz car to chase Hyderabad traffic. Superb".

However, Rahul is not worried about the trolling it seems as he is enjoying every bit of this newfound stardom as he is also becoming an actor with Ranga Marthanda movie.


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