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Balakrishna’s Bhagavanth Kesari: Director Anil Ravipudi’s Insights

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Director Anil Ravipudi’s highly anticipated film, “Bhagavanth Kesari,” is all set for a grand release on October 19. The movie boasts a star-studded cast, including Balakrishna, Sreeleela, Kajal, and Arjun Rampal, and is produced by Sahu Garapati and Harish Peddi under the Shine Screens banner. In a recent interaction with the media, Anil Ravipudi shared his thoughts and insights about the film. Here’s the transcript:

Q: You have tried something different with Bhagavanth Kesari. Could you tell us something about it?

A: In my previous films, I often emphasized entertainment, but I also delved into handling emotions effectively. For “Bhagavanth Kesari,” I aimed to tell an honest story with intense drama. Having Balakrishna on board, along with the talents of Sreeleela and the backing of Shine Screens, the film has truly evolved. I have high hopes that “Bhagavanth Kesari” will be a memorable cinematic experience.

Q: Both “Sarileru Nikevvaru” and “Bhagavanth Kesari” have an army backdrop. What’s the reason for it?

A: While I had originally contemplated a military-themed film with Mahesh Babu, “Bhagavanth Kesari” goes beyond just depicting life in the Indian army. The film touches on various aspects of life, especially focusing on how girls should be raised. Sreeleela’s character plays a crucial role in illustrating this message. While women serve in the army, they may not always be in the war zone. We conducted thorough research on this subject, drawing inspiration from films like “Gunjan Saxena,” which is centered on the Air Force.

Q: How did Balakrishna Garu react when you narrated this story to him?

A: Balakrishna Garu has always been open to exploring new and innovative concepts. He has previously succeeded with experimental films such as “Aditya 369” and “Bhairava Dweepam.” His belief in the script and unwavering support during the shoot was invaluable. It was his idea to incorporate the Telangana dialect into the film.

Q: Generally, female characters in Anil films have loud personalities. Will it be the same in Bhagavanth Kesari?

A: “Bhagavanth Kesari” will offer a departure from such loud and over-the-top characterizations. The entertainment factor will be more subtle, and even the action sequences will be portrayed realistically.

Q: Will Bhagavanth Kesari have any political satires?

A: “Bhagavanth Kesari” does not incorporate political satires. The storyline does not lend itself to such elements, and I have always avoided controversial content in my films. We only include dialogues or themes that organically fit the narrative.

Q: Will you produce movies in the coming days? Also, could you tell us about your future projects?

A: Currently, my primary focus is on directing. However, if a script excites me, I am open to producing films in the future.

Article By: Sai Kiran

Published On: 16th, October 2023


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