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Ayodhya Airport Under Construction To Be Named After Lord Ram

Uttar Pradesh Finance Minister Suresh Khanna has unveiled the budget for 2021-22 in the state Assembly on Monday. This is the fifth budget of the state government.

In the budget, the Yogi Adityanath led government allocated Rs 101 crore for the airport in temple city Ayodhya which is under construction. The Airport will also be named after the Hindu deity Rama.

Along with this, the state budget has also allocated a sum of Rs 140 crores to develop the temple city. Rs 2,000 crores has been allocated for airports Jewart, Chitrakoot, and Sonbhadra.

With the proposed air service, Aligarh, Moradabad, Meerut will be linked. An additional budget of Rs 300 crore was allocated in the budget for various special programs.

The government has allocated Rs 1,107 crore for the industrial and infrastructure development and Rs  1,492 crore and  860 crore was allocated for Purvanchal Expressway Project and  Gorakhpur Link Expressway Project respectively.

The Finance Minister has announced a provision of Rs 12,441 crore for the construction of various roads and bridges, while  Rs 4,135 crore has been proposed for the maintenance of the roads and bridges.


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